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Black Chasm Photos

Black Chasm is located in a small town in Northern California called Volcano. The cave is approximately a two hour drive  from Sacramento and the rest of the California central vally. They offer daily tours which last about an hour and they are given year round. The cave tour consists of walking up and down approximately 165 stairs. The tour is short in length, you will be walking only the distance of 158 feet or so.

   To take a tour you must purchase your tickets in the gift-shop. The tour leaves through the back of the gift-shop. On the tour you will see amazing formations. There are two main rooms you will see, the first is the main part of the cave which has spectacular views. To enter this you take stairs down to a platform which seems to be floating on air.  The stairs are quite steep so take your time and use the handrails. Once you make the platform you will get plenty of opportunity to view the large room. If you dare to look over the edge you will see a large drop which leads to an underground lake. Take your time and look around because there is a lot to see. The second part of the tour takes you into a smaller room with incredible formations called Helectites. These formations defy gravity and are very unique because most caves don't have them. Don't forget to take your cameras, you'll get some incredible shots. To leave the cave you must go out the same way you intered which will give you an opportunity to catch something you may have missed.

What I Think

I love this cave. The tour guides have great knowledge of the cave and have fantastic customer service. The cave is what I call a busy cave, that is your eyes don't stop moving. There is so much to see that your always keeping busy trying to find new things. The cave is kept clean and well lit. The stairs were easy to walk and the handrails were sturdy and firm. The views were amazing and so were the formations. I absolutely recommend you visit this cave. You will be amazed by the sites you see.


The Giftshop will be the first thing you enter when arriving at the cavern. Inside it you will be able to purchase tour tickets and merchandise. The gift-shop is well arranged with large Ilse's and long views to keep your shopping experience a good one. They carry the usual drinks plus a variety of snack foods. They have a large selection of rocks and general geology products. This gift-shop is fairly new and its been kept in fantastic shape. It is kept very clean and stocked well at all times.


The Restrooms.An important part of any tourism attraction is the restrooms. Black Chasm has fantastic restrooms. They are kept very clean and looking new on a daily basis. They have multiple stalls and a changing table for the little ones. I'm a father of two and trust me when I say that you'll appreciate these restrooms after a two hour trip. I give them a 10 out of 10!!!


The Grounds around the cavern are very beautiful and are surrounded by large pine and oak trees in a fantastic forest setting. Outside the gift shop is a great activity for the whole family called GEM MINING. Just purchase a bag from the gift shop, take it to the flume,start washing away the dirt and wait for incredible gem stones to appear.