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Welcome to gocaving.com where we explore caves throughout the Country one cave at a time.
We are exploring caves coast to coast, state by state and sharing them with you. Along the way we will be taking a special few with us to explore the amazing underground just below our feet. We will be sharing our cave adventures with you and showing you the incredible sights we find throughout this amazing Country. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

LET'S GO CAVING, We want to take you caving. Do you want to get dirty, squeeze through tight holes, experience total darkness, crawl down amazing rock passages and see things you've never seen before, then let CaveMan Stew take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Stew has been caving for about 15 years and has guided thousands of adventurers on Spelunking trips. To enquire about going on a spelunking trip with CaveMan Stew click on our contact page and shoot him an e-mail.


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   Most caves are formed by water, these are called solution caves. Solution caves are the most common caves in the world. The water that makes caves also makes the formations in them. Caves have the most amazing formations you've ever seen, some are larger than your average home and some can be as fragile as a human hair. Some formations grow from the ceiling (stalactites), some grow from the floor(stalagmites) and they can grow on just about any surface of a cave. Most formations grow when water deposits a mineral called calcite. The more water an area has the more formations will grow and the larger they will become. So a cave in the Midwest where it rains often can be larger and have many formations where as a cave in California that has little rain can be smaller with fewer formations. Just about every cave on the planet has something unique to it, no two are the same.

    There are so many caves throghout the U. S. that you could find one in any direction you travel. Each cave has something different and exciting to see.